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I’m sure that from time to time, you too have been hassled by Outlook’s over-protectiveness and incessant security messages. Don’t get me wrong: the security messages need to be present, but if you just want to completely disable them then here’s how! Read more: How to disable “a program is trying to […]” pop-ups in Outlook

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Have you ever found yourself going through your Inbox and wanting to jot down something or take a note about an email? Now you can, with the help of our productivity add-in, Bells&Whistles for Outlook! Read on to see why this is so useful and how it can help you day-in and day-out! …and never-again forget *that great idea* that popped-up! Read more: Use email notes in Outlook to write down what’s important

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Is Outlook crawling at snail’s speed? Do you remember when it used to fly… or at least run?
One of the most important factors that determine Outlook’s performance is your PST file size… the bigger it gets, the slower Outlook functions. So, our time-saving, speed-increasing add-in Weight Diet for Outlook jumps to the rescue and automatically uploads your email attachments to the cloud! Say goodbye to archiving little pieces of documents, bloated PST files and click-and-wait operations! Read more: Reduce your PST file size easily by sending email attachments to the cloud

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Everything these days is about routine. No matter if we are at work or at home, in the end, all of us enter a tried-and-true pattern of actions and clicks. To combat the downward slope of repetitiveness, our feature-packed productivity add-in – Bells&Whistles for Outlook, comes with a nifty little feature: email templates. Continue reading for an in-depth tutorial and a special, time-limited offer! Read more: Combat routine with designer-made, free email templates

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Every week, in each of our increasingly-crowded Inboxes, quite a number of newsletters, e-cards and all manner of automatically-generated emails can be found. Even a friendlier, personalized greeting goes a long way in avoiding a quick click on the delete/move to trash button (and will also catch anyone’s eye), so here’s how to create scenarios for any imaginable emailing case with Easy Mail Merge. Read more: Personalize emails for any scenario imaginable, straight from Outlook | 2 Comments

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Surprisingly enough, while there are many options available (built-in Outlook or 3rd party) to make your life easier and automatically add your signature to emails, there aren’t many options to choose from when it comes to handling email greetings. Read more: Tired of repetitive greeting lines in Outlook? | 1 Comment

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About two weeks ago we launched the newest version of our award-winning Outlook add-in, Bells&Whistles – version 4 features even more customization options than before, a more complete user experience (with the help of various types of email profiles) and better integration in Outlook.

Here’s how Bells&Whistles handles the different email profiles each user defines, how it actually works when compared to the last version and a couple of useful tips, both for our new and our existing users. Read more: A walkthrough to the new Bells&Whistles email profiles features

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Exclusively for our blog readers, we offer a special discount of $10 (USD) on Email Address Collector for Outlook. Email Address Collector is probably the most powerful and user-friendly Windows email address extraction program you can find, designed to extract addresses from almost all sources you can think of, easily filter the results and save them in useful formats. Read more: Special Discount on Email Address Collector

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For the last couple of months I decided do a simple test related to duplicate emails and mailbox cleanup. To put it simple, I just let my Outlook mailbox to grow ‘natural’, without deleting unwanted messages, duplicate emails or compacting my PST file. The plan was to see how large my mailbox file will get without performing any kind of maintenance on it… Read more: Does It Worth To Remove Duplicate Emails & Cleanup Your Mailbox? | 1 Comment

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Maybe the most common nuissance related to Outlook add-ins is about missing the add-in toolbar (add-in options menu) from the main Outlook window. How can you bring back your add-in toolbar? Read more: Outlook Missing Add-in Toolbar?

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