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In last week’s article, we hoped to convince you that the from line is at least as important as the subject line in all your email communications. Now, to help you out, we tested different platforms and came up with the following “cheat-sheet”, detailing the maximum displayed length of the from line on different browsers, phones and desktop applications! Read more: The maximum displayed length of the email from line | 2 Comments

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Since almost 68% of Americans base the opening of a received email on the from line, you should pay as much attention to it as you do to your subject line. Just read on to find out why it’s so important and get a few tips on creating a memorable one! Read more: What impact does the email's from line have? | 1 Comment

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The best way to describe the feeling one gets when receiving a do not reply to email is that the person/business just doesn’t care! This was and still is a bad idea, especially these days, but there are a few select cases where it’s acceptable… If you’re wondering what they are, just read on! Read more: Stop sending "do not reply to" emails!

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