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I’m positive that meetings are lost, relatives are not picked up at the airport, the cat doesn’t get its shot and all manner of problems appear because of not paying attention to the email’s subject line. It’s not that difficult to take a little time to compose a decent one that will grab your recipients’ attention and stand out in the “Inbox crowd”, so here’s a couple of dos and donts! Read more: How to write a good email subject line | 2 Comments

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Not many people know that you can perform a mail merge campaign without any additional, 3rd party software installed – the only programs needed are Microsoft Outlook and Word. If you just want to send a generic newsletter to a select contact list from Outlook then it will probably suffice, but what about a larger, more dynamic user base? What if you have your mail merge address list outside Outlook, saved in a different file? And here we come to this week’s topic: what if you want to add an attachment to the mail merge campaign? Here’s how to insert personalized attachments to your newsletters and email blasts! Read more: How to add an attachment to a mail merge email in Outlook | 4 Comments

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This week we will answer another frequently posted question (both from users of our products and general Outlook users) with a short tutorial on how to search for bounced email addresses and erase them from your email addresses list with help from two of our top-selling products, which are on sale at the moment. Read more: How to manage bounced email addresses lists from Outlook | 2 Comments

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