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Usually, we don’t consider emails as more than a tool for communication, but if you start to think about it, emails can help create and define the image we have about a person – who they are, how they behave. A thought-out email implies authority, professionalism, something usually reflected in the creation of the signature, so here’s how to use a signature creator to get a great looking one! Read more: Use an email signature creator for that great look you've been looking for!

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If you use Microsoft Outlook to read your emails, every once in a while you may receive a red email message. How can this be, since when you compose a new email you can’t set any text properties (like Bold, Italic, color and so on) for the subject line? Here’s a quick tutorial explaining what this peculiarity is and how to do it yourself! Read more: How to send a red email in Outlook | 1 Comment

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