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If you have ever sent out an email newsletter, I’m sure that with each passing campaign you encountered people who opted out of your email list. Have you ever asked yourself why? Read more: Why do people unsubscribe to emails? | 1 Comment

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The subject line in an email, almost as much as the from line, is one of the most important deal-breakers for your readers. That’s why this week we looked at how different email clients (on all platforms we could get our hands on) dealt with them… So, continue reading and see for yourself how many characters your subject line should have! Read more: The maximum displayed length of the email subject line | 1 Comment

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In last week’s article, we hoped to convince you that the from line is at least as important as the subject line in all your email communications. Now, to help you out, we tested different platforms and came up with the following “cheat-sheet”, detailing the maximum displayed length of the from line on different browsers, phones and desktop applications! Read more: The maximum displayed length of the email from line | 2 Comments

email from line · email infographic · maximum characters email · truncated line · view email clients

Since almost 68% of Americans base the opening of a received email on the from line, you should pay as much attention to it as you do to your subject line. Just read on to find out why it’s so important and get a few tips on creating a memorable one! Read more: What impact does the email's from line have? | 1 Comment

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The best way to describe the feeling one gets when receiving a do not reply to email is that the person/business just doesn’t care! This was and still is a bad idea, especially these days, but there are a few select cases where it’s acceptable… If you’re wondering what they are, just read on! Read more: Stop sending "do not reply to" emails!

do not reply to · don't reply emails · no reply emails

The email is as familiar to us as the back of our hands, right? Well, as always, there’s actually much more to it than meets the eye… To get ahead in this game you’ll have to tweak each part of your marketing email, so read on to find some new ideas that will surely make a difference! Read more: 3 things you should be using in your marketing emails (but probably aren't)

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Because the number of mobile phone users is ever-increasing and a decent connection to the Internet can be found anywhere, you should design all your future mass emails for mobile phones as well as desktop view. Read on if you’re not yet convinced and for a couple of useful tips to use on your next mail merge! Read more: How and why it's a good idea to design your emails for mobile phones

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There you are, probably saving damsels from erupting volcanoes, when you hear the *ding!* of a new email in your Inbox – your friendly neighborhood email marketer is sending you an offer! While most of these guys will be harmless, there are a couple that just don’t get how it works, so read on if you are interested in the top 5 worst email marketer offenders! Read more: The 5 worst types of email marketers

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The question of when to send an email or what the best time for your recipients to see your offer is, although asked and debated many-a-time, still doesn’t have a straight, go-to solution. Since it’s a bit more complicated than just picking Wednesday, read on to find out the pros and cons of each day of the week, as well as the optimal time of day for your mail merges. Read more: What is the best time to send email newsletters? | 2 Comments

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No one is baffled anymore by the quantity of Spam emails received each day… even so, many still fall victim to hoaxes and dubious email scams. What you need to do is read up, be informed and stay on top of things so that their next victim isn’t you! Read more: Quick guide to protecting yourself from email hoaxes and scams | 1 Comment

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