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On vacation but feel that you’re not out of the office yet? Have a relaxed, email-free holiday with just two add-ins for Outlook

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With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, all of us are working hard on our office jobs and trying to out due last year’s digits. On top of work, there’s running around for presents, confirming reservations and so on… all adding to the already hectic feel of the winter season. That’s why, when we finally get a couple of days out of office we like to spend them with our families, in a carefree and calm state of mind… we’re on vacation and the office is far away, so nothing related to it should disturb us, right?

Unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case. You know what I’m talking about… those people who demand your office answer their request at 7:00 PM on the 31st, or send a dozen emails on Christmas Eve because they don’t know how to use their sprocket, no matter if everybody’s out of office and on vacation. You can, of course, ignore them (although it wouldn’t be very professional) or start training for the 100m dash by running to your PC every 15 minutes. In our book, this isn’t OK! You should relax, prepare for the coming year and spend some well-earned time with your loved ones, so we have developed a few tools to help out when you’re out of office and on vacation: Auto Reply Manager for Outlook and Auto Follow-Up for Outlook.

Most of your troubles will arise because you won’t be able to answer emails. Normally, the persons sending you the messages will get frustrated after a while, then re-send their emails and may even leave a bad review. All of this could be averted by just informing them that you’re out of office on vacation, with an automated email reply. Outlook does have a feature that allows you to set up an out of office response, but it’s very limited, kind of awkward to set-up and only usable in simple scenarios. That’s why we’d like you to try an add-in that’s build from the ground-up with ease of use and customization in mind, Auto Reply Manager for Outlook. With it, you can easily set-up any number of out of office response scenarios for your work-related emails, different ones for the emails from friends and anything else you can imagine. It can even scan your incoming emails for specific phrases and have only those important emails forwarded to your personal email address, so you’ll always be on top of things!

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If you want to see how you can really leave the office behind and be email-free for a couple of days, just download the trial version from here, or give the full features a run by purchasing Auto Reply Manager for Outlook here, for only $39.95 (if you change your mind afterwards, then note that all purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so it will be OK). Also, volume licenses are available, so everybody in the office can have a trouble-free vacation. 🙂

On the other hand, what if you really need a reply from someone? You have a big contract coming up, everybody in your office is on vacation, and you absolutely need to know if that factory in China can produce your type of sprocket? Well then, instead of composing and sending a dozen emails manually, you can just install Auto Follow-Up for Outlook and let it take care of the hassle, while you’re out of office and trouble free. You can quickly set-up automated follow-up emails for any message type (new, reply or forward) straight from the Outlook screen, so no cumbersome interfaces or weird layouts will distract you. What’s great about this add-in is that (just like Auto Reply Manager), it works alongside Outlook and all features that you are accustomed to are readily available. For example, you can impose read receipts on your follow ups and know if you’re being ignored and even attach the original messages automatically, so that your recipients don’t have to go search their Inboxes.

Auto Follow-Up for Outlook will provide you with peace of mind during your out of office days for only $29.95, so what are you waiting for? Just purchase the full version here and start nagging away 🙂 (30 day money back guarantee)! If you just want to try it out, then there’s also a trial version available for download here.

If used in tandem, we believe that Auto Reply Manager for Outlook and Auto Follow-Up for Outlook will provide you with a full feature set for all your out of office responder and email follow-up needs, but you’re always invited to give us some tips – we love customer feedback, so just drop us a line or a cheer at

We here at DS Development wish you the best for the following year and a trouble-free and peaceful holiday season!


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