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No one is baffled anymore by the quantity of Spam emails received each day… even so, many still fall victim to hoaxes and dubious email scams. What you need to do is read up, be informed and stay on top of things so that their next victim isn’t you! Read more: Quick guide to protecting yourself from email hoaxes and scams | 1 Comment

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Usually, we don’t consider emails as more than a tool for communication, but if you start to think about it, emails can help create and define the image we have about a person – who they are, how they behave. A thought-out email implies authority, professionalism, something usually reflected in the creation of the signature, so here’s how to use a signature creator to get a great looking one! Read more: Use an email signature creator for that great look you've been looking for!

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Recently, while helping out a friend and configuring Outlook’s myriad options I started thinking… how many users do actually know about the Send/Receive options window (he sure didn’t)? There are many issues caused by “weird” send/receive times, so here’s a quick run-down of what you’ll see, and why configuring the send/receive times is very important and can grant you a great degree of flexibility. Read more: Why setting up the Outlook Send/Receive options is important

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