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With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching all of us are working hard on our office jobs, alongside running around for presents, confirming reservations and so on… So that you can enjoy your out of office vacation, just try out these handy Outlook tools that will deal with the hassle for you. Read more: On vacation but feel that you're not out of the office yet? Have a relaxed, email-free holiday with just two add-ins for Outlook

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Because the festive season is quickly approaching, you will surely need to send out quite a number of greeting cards – why not make them email greeting cards? Here’s a couple of great resources to get you started on making a *special* Christmas card that your loved ones will remember! Read more: Send all your email greeting cards in under 5 minutes and be prepared for the coming holidays!

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Computers are expensive – that’s a fact! Any hardware upgrade will bring about a rapid decline in your financial status, so here’s a quick guide to get you started on improving Outlook’s speed and performance. Even if you’re not directly interested in Outlook, you may still learn something new about the major parts of your computer and how they work! Read more: Outlook crawling at snail's speed? - How your hardware directly impacts Outlook's speed -

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