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Microsoft’s Exchange server allows for many more customization options and is a really good and flexible tool for larger companies, but since it’s a rather costly solution (since you’ll probably need a network admin as well, to deal with the myriad of options), we’ll look on how you can redirect and send on behalf from Auto Reply Manager. Read more: Make your life easier with the "send on behalf of" feature of Auto Reply Manager

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Not many people know that you can perform a mail merge campaign without any additional, 3rd party software installed – the only programs needed are Microsoft Outlook and Word. If you just want to send a generic newsletter to a select contact list from Outlook then it will probably suffice, but what about a larger, more dynamic user base? What if you have your mail merge address list outside Outlook, saved in a different file? And here we come to this week’s topic: what if you want to add an attachment to the mail merge campaign? Here’s how to insert personalized attachments to your newsletters and email blasts! Read more: How to add an attachment to a mail merge email in Outlook | 4 Comments

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We are excited to announce that one of our best-selling (favorite) email tools, Bells&Whistles, is receiving a large upgrade to its already option-packed installation. Version 4 brings many new features, updates to the existing ones, a totally revamped interface and a more complex rule system to further assist you with your email tasks. Read on for a sneak-peek of the new interface and options screen, a rundown of the new features as well as instructions to obtaining a considerable discount upon purchase of a new license. Read more: Overcome daily routines by using the new version of our award-winning email tool, Bells&Whistles | 3 Comments

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Maybe the most common nuissance related to Outlook add-ins is about missing the add-in toolbar (add-in options menu) from the main Outlook window. How can you bring back your add-in toolbar? Read more: Outlook Missing Add-in Toolbar?

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