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So you’re going on vacation, right? You’ll be enjoying the beach or skiing the peaks of Mt. Expensive, without a care in the world… So that you don’t come back to an Inbox full of angry senders, why don’t you just set-up a vacation auto-reply message? Here are a couple of funny examples that you could use in your automated emails! Read more: Funny vacation auto-replies for when you’re out-of-office! | 1 Comment

auto reply examples · auto responder message · auto responder template · funny auto reply · vacation auto reply

You know what I’m talking about… those business emails which use complicated phrases to describe the simplest things, the feeling that you’re speaking to the Email Reply 3000… you know, that email dialect closely related to “legal-ish”. Why is it still used and how can you avoid it? Just read on… Read more: Stop sounding like a robot and send friendlier emails!

email friend · friendly email · friendly greetings · more human

Nowadays we have Kindles, iPads, touchscreen phones and all manner of screens and gadgets that display the written word… so, in a sense, print is dying. Not true for office communications though, so read on to find out how to reduce your paper use and how to print only specific parts of your emails. Read more: Print is dead – printing emails isn’t!

how to print · print emails · print part of email · reduce paper use

Let’s get straight to the point: you want to be more active in the direct marketing field, you want to be more familiar with your customer’s needs and them to yours – you want results! Read on to find out what the rookie mistakes are and what to remember on your next email campaign! Read more: The 3 golden rules of how to be good at direct email marketing | 1 Comment

direct email marketing · direct marketing rules · email campaign · how to email marketing

Email has been with us most of our adult lives, and is beginning to feel old or outdated next to the shiny and futuristic social sites. Here’s a quick how-to so that you too can ride the new wave of social media sharing! Read more: 5 great tips on making your email newsletters shared (and more social media friendly)

how to share newsletter · share email · social email · social media

I’m sure that from time to time, you too have been hassled by Outlook’s over-protectiveness and incessant security messages. Don’t get me wrong: the security messages need to be present, but if you just want to completely disable them then here’s how! Read more: How to disable “a program is trying to […]” pop-ups in Outlook

a program is trying to · disable outlook security · send emails outlook · trying to access · trying to send emails

If you’ve ever wondered what the best font for emails is, or how your recipients will see what you sent them, then look no further – here’s a short history of the best fonts to use in your emails, along with a few trivia facts about their origins and uses. Read more: The best email fonts are the ones already included in Outlook! | 2 Comments

best email fonts · best typeface for emails · email fonts history · fonts trivia · free fonts for emails

Let’s face it: we all want to be in control; we want to know what is happening, who does what and when! Probably that’s why we want to make sure that our emails got delivered, to know if they were read and when… unfortunately, this proves to be more difficult than it sounds, and isn’t always safe. Why? Read more: Why forcing a receipt on your emails doesn’t really work

delivery notification · email read receipt · gmail read receipt · outlook read email · read notification

A day that started just like any other one… only this time, after sitting down, taking a sip of coffee and opening Outlook you come to find your Inbox full with duplicates upon duplicates of the same set of emails! Why were those duplicate emails generated? How can you stop them? Read more: Top 11 reasons for duplicate emails in your Outlook Inbox | 1 Comment

duplicate emails · duplicate reason · fix for duplicates · remove duplicates Outlook

Have you ever found yourself going through your Inbox and wanting to jot down something or take a note about an email? Now you can, with the help of our productivity add-in, Bells&Whistles for Outlook! Read on to see why this is so useful and how it can help you day-in and day-out! …and never-again forget *that great idea* that popped-up! Read more: Use email notes in Outlook to write down what’s important

email note · email tools · outlook note · outlook note add-in

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